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CuSn8 Materiële Vast lichaam Verpakte Bronslagers met Zelfsmerende Oliegaten

Plaats van herkomst: de ringenleverancier van China
Merknaam: viiplus
Certificering: ISO 9001
Modelnummer: Verpakte Bronslagers
Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden:
Min. bestelaantal: 100 Stuk/Stukken
Prijs: $0.05 - $1.00 / Pieces
Verpakking Details: Verpakking: De uitvoerkarton; Houten geval; Houten pallet.
Levertijd: 7~15 het werkdagen
Betalingscondities: T/T, Western Union
Levering vermogen: Speciale Aangepaste het Smeren Ringen Productie
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Gedetailleerde informatie

Materiaal: Aangepaste CuSn8P CuSn8P, Application: Suitable for medium load and low speed applications
Standard: ISO 9001 Size: Metric size and inch size


Wrapped Bronze Bearings, High Quality Wrapped sliding bearing Supplier


Wrapped sliding bearing
Our growing line of wrapped sliding bearing products is designed to meet our customers’ evolving needs everywhere we do business.

A wide bushing type to meet your needs.

Bushings, thrust washers and strips


Consistent. Proven. Self-lubricating Quality.

A wide bushing type to meet your needs.

Wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Low-maintenance


Wrapped bronze bushings Excellent in dirty environments due to lubrication pockets, Select the right bronze bushing for the application


1.Diamond-shaped lubricant reservoirs, bushings have diamond-shaped lubrication pockets on the ID, covering about 25% of the surface.

2.Wrapped bronze bushing, large lubrication depots lubrication holes reservoirs


Wrapped bronze bushings type are available with straight and flange bushings


Wrapped bronze bushings are made

entirely of bronze, CuSn8 The bushings are produced from bronze strips sheet materials with a max. thickness of 2.5mm.

bronze bushing material alternative CuSn6P available


Wrapped bronze bushing introduction


092 bronze bearing, is a bronze material as the matrix, processing and uniform and orderly oil injection hole, the rolling into a thin wall bearing, lubricating grease injection after assembly, configuration end face seal and use again. The bearing has a large amount of remaining oil and the advantages of small volume, easy installation, design and can replace copper set to use, can greatly reduce the cost. Has the Wrapped bronze bushing has been used in conveyor, elevator, roll machine, leveling machine, etc in the occasion of load and low speed.

Bronze Bushing Type


Bronze Bearing Forms Available in Standard Dimensions

  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Flanged bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Flanged washers
  • Sliding plates

bushing type



wrapped bronze bushings



wrapped bronze bushings are particu-larly well suited for applications where high levels of contamination make relubrication necessary. The sliding surface of an wrapped bronze bushing contains diamond shaped pockets that must initially be filled
with grease. The pockets act as reservoirs to progressively release lubricant during operation. Offers a full range of both straight and flanged wrapped bronze bushings. Straight bushings are manufactured to dimensions in accordance with ISO 9001.


Bronze Bushings Material


Wrapped bronze bushings are made entirely of bronze, CuSn8. The bushings are produced from strips which are then wrapped and calibrated.


Wrapped Bronze Bearings'Technical parameters

Performance indipcators Data
Maximum load Static load 120N/mm²
Dynamic load 40N/mm²
Maximum linear velocity 2.5m/s
High PV value 2.8N/mm²・m/s
The coefficient of friction(μ) 0.08~0.25
The use of temperature -100℃~+200℃
Coefficient of thermal conductivity 60W/m・K
Coefficient of thermal expansion 15×-6/K




Whether grease or oil is used, a good quality lubricant will reduce friction and wear by separating a bronze bushing from its shaft.To protect the bushing and lubricant in highly contaminated environments,  recom mends using seals.

The data parameter


The standard diameter
Standard Dia.
Outside diameter of bushing
To match a hole
Housing Bore
Inner diameter of bushing
Match the diameter of axle
Matching Shaft Diameter
10~18 +0.065
- 0.016
- 0.043
18~30 +0.075
- 0.020
- 0.020
30~50 +0.085
- 0.025
- 0.064
50~80 +0.100
- 0.030
- 0.076
80~120 +0.120
- 0.036
- 0.090
120~180 +0.170
- 0.043
- 0.106
180~250 +0.210
- 0.050
- 0.122
250~315 +0.260
- 0.056
- 0


Advantages of  wrapped bronze bushings include:

Main applications
These bushings are well suited for machinery that must operate in highly contaminated environments and where shock loads and/or vibrations occur.


• insensitive to contaminated environments

• resistant to shock loads and vibrations at slow speeds

• good resistance to corrosive environments

Self Lubrication pockets help extend bushing service life

CuSn8 Materiële Vast lichaam Verpakte Bronslagers met Zelfsmerende Oliegaten railway bushings

Bronze Bearings Applications include:

• agricultural machinery

• hoisting equipment

• construction machinery

• forestry machinery

Select the right bushing for the application.

CuSn8 Materiële Vast lichaam Verpakte Bronslagers met Zelfsmerende Oliegaten






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